Sunday, March 7, 2010

'beauty peace treaty'

Alright, so i was flipping through the new issue of seventeen magazine (the April issue), and i found an article called "Beauty Peace Treaty". I read through this article, and realized, 'hey, this isn't such a bad idea!'. Here's what i think about some of these statements:
I Vow To...
1. Stop using the word ugly to describe my appearance - the more I say it, the more I convince myself that it's true. (It's not!)
I see girls do this a lot. Especiallyaround my age. I'm not sure why we do it, but we do. Maybe it is for a confidence boost from the girls around us, maybe we're just trying to be dramatic, or maybe we really think it. But i see this happen all the time, from girls younger, older, and the same age as me. Honestly, I think this first tip looks really doable.
2. Post photos of women around my room I admire for what they've done (kick-ass sports stars, singers who rock), and not necessarily what they look like. It will help keep me focused on what'sreally important.
Now, this one, I get where they're coming from, and I agree completely, but I don't think its gonna catch on. While women should be recognized for their accomplishments, they are judged on their looks. I know that sounds harsh, but, if there was an ugly singer, or an ugly tennis player, chances are, you wouldn't watch their matches or listen to their music. I know that sounds harsh, but thats how people are.
3. Play around with new beauty tricks to find out the best looks for my face or my hair type.
I like this one. A lot. Like seriously, haha.
4. When I'm having a "bad beauty day" (my hair's greasy, my acne feels out of control), I'll use my go-to lip gloss or spray on my favorite scent to feel better, instead of letting it ruin my whole day.
I like this one. I think it should be used for both guys& girls, actually. I know that when i wake up and just feel disgusting, I am sorta self conscious about it the whooole day. It feels like everyone is looking at you, and like noticing your flaws, yaknow? I mean, this tip seems doable, but i think that it should not be limited to just girls, cause I know guys feel the same way about it that us girls do.
5. Look at pictures of my mom and grandmother at my age. When I can see the beauty in the women who look like me, it's easier to see my own.
Now I like this one, but I think that it could be a two way street. While you notice the beauty and flaws in them, you're going to notice the beauty and flaws in you. You also might find yourself pointing out "GRANNY HAD BIGGER BOOBS THAN ME WHEN SHE WAS MY AGE." or "MOM! YOU HAD BETTER SKIN THAN ME!!", which would be the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve by doing this. So if this exercise is something that you're gonna try, make sure to look at the positive, and not the negative.
6. Resolve to simply say thank you when I receive a compliment about my looks, instead of thinking that I don't deserve it. (I do!)
AMEN! I think that EVERY GIRL IN THE FREAKING UNIVERSE should follow this rule. EVERY. FREAKING. ONE. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you give a girl a compliment & she's like "eh, i dont think so." I feel like saying, "ya know what? You're right. That is the ugliest effing shirt I have ever seen. I don't know why I told you I liked it in the first place!" One thing that annoys me soo much is that when a pretty girl calls herself ugly. (see first tip).
7. Embrace the things about my face that make me unique (accept the mole, love the eye color, be nice to the nose!) because the world is a better place when not everyone looks exactly the same.
Alright, while this may be the cheesiest tip, it still rings true. It is kind of like the first tip. You should embrace your dark skin, or your brown eyes, or that awkward freckle on your eyelid (?), and like sort of base your beauty around it. So what if you have that one crazy eyebrow that no amount of waxing can fix? If you start embracing it and come to terms, other people will too! Those flaws are what make you you. And the fact of the matter is, most people don't notice your weird eyebrow, or the fact that one boob is bigger, or think that the freckle on your eyelid is weird. They probably hardly notice it until you point it out.
8. Surround myself with positive people I admire for their kindness, courage, confidence - that'sreal beauty.
While this one is also pretty cheesy, it's true. Usually, the people you hang out with rub off on you. Like, their attributes. And also, people say that you are most attracted to the people who are most like you. So, chances are, if your best friend is confident, you are too. Or, atleast, you will learn to be.
9. Stop spending hours in front of the mirror focusing on what I don't like. Because the most beautiful things about me are what come from inside - the sparkle in my eyes and the warmth in my smile.
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. A little side note, those flaws are what make you, you. Like, most people actually find those attributes distinctive and loveable. Without them, you wouldn't be the person that you are.

Alright, that was my sentimental side. I would write a little more, even though i already wrote a short novel. I know a lot of what I said was probably really corny and cheap, but, it needed to be said, and I had no other way of saying it.

So yeah, that's it for now!! Time for dinner(:

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  1. i absolutely love this post. it is very inspirational. i'm glad to see a fashion mag with an article like this. and thank you for posting it! love it.

    also, thanks for following my blog. i now follow yours.